Hard to be a Christian

It is hard to be a Christian. The entertainment media has less than honest and trustworthy characters. The federal government seems to be making things worse. Plus many of our friends and family members are facing reduced hours or no work at all. Plus we have all the complications and drama that our extended families can give us! What are we to do?
We are in the season of Easter. We get to continually remind ourselves and the world that Jesus died on the cross, was in the grave for parts of three days, and that he rose from the grave! I guess our life as Christians is no harder than the only Christ the world needs! If we are to be like Christ, then that includes all aspects of our lives!
But then the alternative of living without the Son of God is much harder. Where else can we find hope? Where else can we find peace? For me, as for most all Christians, there is one whom we can place our faith. That is Jesus Christ. May all those who try to live in this world without Jesus, both Christians and non-Christians, place their faith in him!

In Christ’s Service,


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