“Idiot” Christians!

I wish I could use the word “idiot” more often! At least in the Bible (Acts 4:13) the word means something other than it does today! Oh to be common and ok with life as God works with us! Sometimes I find that I am an “idiot” Christian, but not in the Biblical sense!
What does a common Christian look like? One who attends church regularly! One who finds prayer and Bible Study to be something more than just what women and older men do! One who gives so that God is pleased and calls us righteous. One who follows Jesus the Christ to all points on the globe, even if it is just in the neighborhood!
Yet, I don’t think we have enough of this sort of “idiot” Christians! We see more idiots than we do Christians. Sometimes I see one in the mirror! May we see God more and more each day! That is the “common” that I want!


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