Searching the Scriptures

Works of Piety: Searching the Scriptures & Bible Study
2 Timothy 3:10-17 March 14, 2010
David Koresh had some followers. He told them he was the messiah. Most of his followers and David himself died tragically.

Jim Jones had some followers. He told them they had to follow him. They drank some bad stuff and tragically died.

Jesus chose 12 men to follow him. Jesus pointed to the Scriptures and told them how God was going to give them a new life. Jesus died. Then he rose from the grave.

Both David and Jim used some Scriptures to defend their actions. They left off parts that didn’t fit their ways. Jesus used all of what we call the Old Testament. It is through searching the Scriptures by ourselves and with others that we can know eternal life that comes from believing Jesus is the Son of God (John 5:39). How then do we search the Scriptures? What is so great about studying the Bible with other people?

A. How do we search the Scriptures?
1. Know the sacred writings – Old & New Testament
a. Paul studied them
b. Timothy studied them
2. Bulletin insert – John Wesley’s ideas
3. Pray about what you are going to read (James 1:5)
4. Your heart may grow greater than the Grinch’s did when the love of God has you
a. Salvation comes through Jesus Christ
b. You can become ready to do good work
c. God’s grace is ready to work in your life
d. Opening the Bible gets us open to God’s grace
e. The end would be we could know Jesus & have life
5. Persecutions will come (2 Timothy 3:12)
6. We read the Bible, not just for today. We search the Scriptures for our future. We don’t know what will come each day, but we do know that God’s Word holds true. Whether the Bible is read as literature or for strengthening faith, God will work. Once God works in our hearts and lives, then we work for God. But we individually have to search the Scriptures. Then we can find what others have learned from the Bible.

B. What is so great about studying the Bible with other people?
1. How can we teach the Bible unless we know it?
2. How can we make sure our reproofs are not just our feelings?
3. How can we correct someone’s faith unless we know God’s Word?
4. How can we train others unless we first have been trained?
5. What we learn in the Bible can be lived in our lives, now
6. We can raise our children to know God – Sunday School
John Wesley’s Journal, July 18, 1784 –
“Before service I stepped into the Bingley Sunday school of 240 children taught every Sunday by several masters and superintended by the assistant minister. So many children in one parish are restrained from open sin, instructed in a few things about good manners and taught to read the Bible.
I find these schools springing up wherever I go. Perhaps God has a deeper purpose than people are aware of.”
7. We can raise our teens to follow God – UMYF
8. We can be disciples of Jesus – all adults
9. God can use us for his good work (3:17)
10. When your heart gets changed, you can speak about God. You can let others know the one who has redeemed you. You can be working out your salvation with fear and trembling as you studying God’s Word. Who knows, you may learn something about your friend’s faith that you had not realized before. You can find encouragement for your own faith when you search the Scriptures together. Who knows how many people can be changed by the good work that God can do through us.

At Resurrection 2010, Justin Lookadoo ripped a Bible in half. When we refuse to search the Scriptures, we are doing the same thing. When we are searching the Scriptures, the whole world will changes for us. We are the ones who are changed.

Do you want to follow Jesus? Do you want to know what it means to have salvation because of your faith in Jesus Christ? Read your Bible. God is ready to work in your life. How do we search the Scriptures? We search the Scriptures with prayer. What is so great about studying the Bible with other people? The church can do good works when we know whom we are serving. May God’s grace lead us to know the Bible!


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