As a pastor, I have witnessed people leave the church. Some were hurt by someone in the church. Others were forgotten by the church. Even others did not like what the church was doing. Each of these situations of leaving the church causes more pain. Paul, in Romans 9, mentions his grief and anguish about his own people not placing faith in Jesus.

As a pastor, it causes me grief to see people leave the church. What about you, do you grieve for people who have left the church? Or is your grief more about those who have not found Jesus through the church?

We can pray for those who have left the church. God will soften our hearts as we pray for them. And God will give us the words to say to those for whom our hearts are in anguish.

Will you pray for those who left the church?


One thought on “Grief

  1. If people leaving the church for any reason other than to minister in another place does not break our hearts, our hearts have little in common with our Lord’s heart.


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