Science & Faith

Wow! A recent article from the AP gives some good information. The Interstellar Boundary Explorer {Ibex} is 200,000 miles from Earth and is collecting particles that are seeping through the bubble that is around our solar system (

Now, some will say that science and faith do not mix. While others will say it does. It can be spurious to find something in the Bible and point to a “new” find as proof of what the Bible says as being right. I placed parentheses around new because it is new to us. What if the Bible and the primitive, less-Enlightened minds whom wrote/edited the Bible are correct in the description of how things are and how they work in this universe? There is a bubble around our solar system that keeps cosmic radiation from entering our solar system, and therefore keeping it from us. That is what the article says.

What does the Bible say? Isaiah 40:22 says that the Lord sits above the “circle of the earth” (NSRV). Job 22:14 has Eliphaz telling Job that God walks on the “dome of the heaven.” The context of this statement is that God is high in the heavens and yet God knows what is going on here on Earth.

Just from these two passages we see that there is more to Creation (which includes all of space) were made, maintained, and interacted with by the Lord God. I am not saying that science is wrong in describing the material that is around our solar system as a “bubble.” I am saying that faith allows us to see this article and comprehend the science fact as confirmation of a Biblical premise.

The great, big God who made the heavens and the earth has set up protection for those whom He loves. God loves all of His creatures (that would include you and me) and He does what is necessary to show that love. Our atmosphere protects us from solar radiation. The space giants, Jupiter & Saturn, protect us by absorbing meteors/comets that could have impacted Earth. Now, science says there is a “bubble” around our solar system protecting us from cosmic radiation. My faith in God is not based solely on this science fact. However, this science fact confirms/reinforces to me the knowledge of God’s love.

On the other hand, faith leads me to believe that there is much in Creation that God uses to show His grace and love. Let us explore, hypothesize, and confirm the Biblical premises that God has concern for us, the ones He has created. Science need not be our “god.” Faith need not be our “god.” But together science and faith can help us understand who God is and what He wants for us.

In Christ’s Service,
John Grimm


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