Aldersgate Day & Pentecost

I remember having to do a report in elementary school. The topic was a historical figure. Who did I choose? I chose to do a report on John Wesley! And I willingly chose this man for this report in 4th or 5th grade!
Ever since then I have read about John, Charles, and the much of the Wesley family. It was only today that I realized the date in which Charles knew that he stood in faith. It was Pentecost!
John knew indeed that his sins were forgiven 3 days later. And the world has never been the same.
I have come to realize that God has forgiven me, Jesus has called me to preach, and the Holy Spirit has provided the words to do such. My life has not been the same since Jesus came into my heart.
What about you, what have you realized about God? How is the Holy Spirit working in your life since you discovered that you can stand in faith or since you have known that your sins have been forgiven?


One thought on “Aldersgate Day & Pentecost

  1. There is no replacement for that assurance of salvation and the sense of being loved and owned by God. I am so deeply grateful for the gift of knowing in my “knowing place” that I am living into the will of God. Thanks for the articulate reminder.


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