Christian Life – A Battle

In this world, we will come across people whom aggrevate us.  There will be people whom want to do nothing but make our life a living torture chamber.  We may even do the same things to other people!  But our battle is NOT against each other. 
Yes, people will willingly do whatever feels good, or even right, to them.  Sometimes, Christians will do this also.  This does not mean that Christians are in the right when they do these activities. 
We cannot blame everything that we do on bad angels, demons, or satan.  They may influence us, but it is our choices that matter.  This is were our battle lies in life.
It is through the power of God that we overcome the influences of evil.  We cannot live, or do battle against evil, on our own. Just look at the world around us!
What is a Christian to do?  Worship God.  Live in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Follow Jesus in our everyday activities.  Paul would tell us to put on the armor of God; to put on the Lord Jesus Christ. 
Yet, sometimes this putting on the Lord Jesus Christ is hard.  It almost looks like a put on.  Maybe it is like the advice that John Wesley received about faith: Preach faith as though you have it, then when you have faith, preach the faith.  So, we live Jesus, then eventually people will see that it is Jesus whom is living in us.  It is going through all the battles of life that we need to live in Jesus, no matter what others may do or say about us.
Let them try to aggrevate you; they will anyway.  You, live Jesus.  Besides, he lived after his battle, so can you as youlive in him.  Maybe that is the hard part about being a Christian, we don’t want anyone to put us to death.  Maybe it is easier to be like the world.  Maybe it is easier not fight any battles.


One thought on “Christian Life – A Battle

  1. Sometimes I wonder how we will feel when we are able to look back from Heaven’s perspective and see all of the interplay between our lives on this side. When we catch the way our sorrows and troubles played into the warp and weave of each other’s lives, will we feel ashamed or somehow affirmed because of the beauty that our behavior has helped to create? I know how often your walk has inspired me.

    Prayers for you today as you fight that familiar human battle of (perceived) good against (perceived) evil. May the Holy Spirit guide all our perceptions.


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