Where is God?

Where is God?  I found God working among the staff at Camp Dickenson this summer.  God had to be working, because how else are the staff going to be able to work with children who come from who knows where?  Plus, the children were able to follow the lead of their counselors.  Granted, fun was had by all and each one pursued fun, God was there in the midst of all that fun.


Where is God?  God is working in Frakes, Kentucky at the Henderson Settlement.  Again, it was through the diligence and grace of the staff that hundreds of work campers are able to be coordinated, housed, and fed.  Plus, the work campers were able to see God traipsing through the hollers as they worked with and for households who have barely enough to survive.  (An added bonus was that God was thanked for Wi-Fi, especially when there was no cell phone service for at least 15 miles!)

Where is God?  He has been with the people of the charge I serve.  They are getting refreshed as they take time on vacation to do what they want to do (hopefully while taking a vacation from their pet temptations!)  

God is working in this world.  He has been working in my life as I get to see growth in grace and love, in me and in others!  God is working in your life.  Have you recognized what He is doing in you?


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