The Good, Old Boys

It has been an eye-opener to look at the lives of Samuel, Saul, David, and Solomon in the most recent sermon series, “The Good, Old Boys.” God sure did use some imperfect people to direct his chosen people, Israel. Yes, there are a few good, old girls mentioned in this sermon series (even they were imperfect)!
Yes, I know it sounds like the sermon series would be harping on the unofficial system that operates in many communities. That is there are locations where a few get away with anything, while the poor get taken advantage by these same “leaders.” Everyone will have to answer for what they have done – good or ill. The sermon series was designed to help us look at how God had worked in the Old Testament. The cool thing is that God is still working the same way today – blessing imperfect people to guide his people. The people that belong to God are those who decide to follow God.
The sad thing about the sermon series is that we see not much has changed. People are still conniving, selfish individuals.
Thankfully, God’s grace was evident in the Old Testament (these events did happen) and God’s grace is evident in today’s world!


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