How shall we live?

Dear Friends,

We are finishing up our summer sermon series on “The Good, Old Boys” and have noticed that God worked in the lives of Samuel, Saul, David, and Solomon.  God’s grace was evident in their lives, as well as our lives.  Do you believe that God is working in your life?  As we do, then it would appear that we have faith.  How then shall we live, with this faith we have?

Our next sermon series will explore this question.  This series, “How shall we live?” will take us through the month of September.  We will see whether our faith has anything to do with how we treat the poor.  It seems that we are to remember that our faith is active.  Then we will see that we need wisdom to choose the way of the Lord and guard what we say.  Faith might have something to do with our decisions and our spoken words.  Next, we will see if our faith in the Lord affects our relationships, both with our families and with other Christians.  How can we say we have faith if our families and other Christians don’t recognize the grace by which we live our faith?  Finally, we may see that God has a way for us to resolve a situation that we know about.  In other words, maybe faith doesn’t just have to deal with eternity, but how we respond to God today.

I hope that you remind your friends and family to come to worship as we explore how we live our faith.  They are going to see evidence of your faith anyway.  They might as well hear how their faith can be lived!

In Christ’s Service,


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