We have a high priest.

That’s deep! We have a High Priest.
Hebrews 5:1-10 October 21, 2012
We have been looking as some deep things of our faith. These include truths about Jesus, who he is, and our response to him. We know that Jesus is the Son of God. We know that he is above the angels. Many Old Testament passages point us to these truths.

We also know that there is a rest waiting for those who hold onto their faith in God. We also learned last week that we have a high priest whom we can go to with boldness. Again, the Old Testament helps us clarify these truths.

Now we are going to discover who can be a high priest and how Christ is our how priest. We will see that the Old Testament informs our understanding of the concept of the high priest.

A. Who can be a high priest? (5:1-4)
1. Chosen by the people (5:1)
a. Aaron
b. Levites
2. Deals gently with the ignorant & wayward (5:2)
a. Compassion
b. Restraint
c. What about the willful sinners?
3. Offers sacrifices (5:3)
a. For his own sins
b. For the sins of the people
4. Does not take on the honor on his own (5:4)
a. Aaron
b. Levites
5. Who can be a high priest? The man has to be chosen from among men. Angels cannot do this job. Any judgmental ideas cannot be entertained by the high priest. Why? Because the high priest knows his own sins and that the people around him also have sins. So, he sacrifices so that the sins of the people, and his own sins, are wiped away. If, however, God has not called the man to do the job of high priest, then he will have more sins heaped upon himself. That is, if answering his own call from himself, then he is presuming more than he needs.

B. How is Christ a high priest? (5:5-10)
1. Jesus was appointed a high priest by God (5:5-6)
a. God calls him son
b. God calls him a priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek
2. Jesus knows how life in the flesh is (5:7-9)
a. He had to pray to get through this life
b. Reverent submission? Bowing in reverence
c. Obedience – perfect, such as completed
d. Source of eternal salvation
3. Jesus is designated a priest for us (5:10)
a. God calls him to do this job
b. Jesus submitted to God – he completed what he was sent to do
4. Melchizedek who? (5:11-6:20)
a. Hard to explain (5:11)
b. Aren’t you teaching yet? (5:12-14)
c. Get beyond the basics (6:1-12)
– Know the basics, but don’t stay there
– Keep hold of the heavenly gift!
– Keep after the promises God has for us
d. God has promises that we haven’t realized (6:13-20)
– God keeps his word
– We have hope – Jesus – he enters the inner shrine
5. How is Christ a high priest? He is high priest because he was chosen from among men and God chose him to do this work. He experienced things that we have. He suffered heartbreak, pain, and death. Through it all, he prayed. When heartbreak, pain, and death come our way, do we pray? Actually, what makes posture do you get in when you pray? Does it matter? Actually, it does. Is it only when it happens to our family that we get on our knees? What if something happens to one in our clique, or at work or one of our buddies from high school?

This is all deep stuff. Jesus is the high priest we need. He lived amongst us in this world. He suffered, yet kept speaking to God. Jesus ending up doing what God asked him to do, for us.

That’s deep. Our response can also be deep. The response of being obedient to Jesus is what we can do. Maybe it is through our suffering from our errors and sin that we learn obedience. It was through our errors and sin that Jesus learned obedience. And he kept praying and making supplications to God. Whatever has trampled on your heart, don’t you think you can pray and make supplications for that situation? We would do this, if we are obeying Jesus.


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