The Day is Approaching

That’s deep!  The Day is approaching!

Hebrews 10:11-25                 November 18, 2012


Here are some truths that we have learned since we have been studying the book of Hebrews.  We know that Jesus is a son of God.  We know that he is above the angels.  We know that Jesus is a high priest, a priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek.  Also, Jesus intercedes for us and by his blood our consciences are purified.  We even know that Jesus removes sin and Jesus is going to return.  Is that all we need to know? NO!  We can learn to live these truths.


Christ has done much work for us.  By his sacrifice we get cleansed so we can be with God.  We can be bold in approaching God.  Why?  We can be bold in approaching God because Jesus is there and he has made a way for us to be with God.  Until Jesus comes and makes God fully known in this world, we are to work together.  Why?  We work together because apart from each other, our faith will fail and we will miss out on pleasing God.


  1. Christ has done much for us (10:11-18)
    1. Summary of what Jesus has done for us
    2. Priest – stand – their work is ongoing
    3. Jesus – sits – his work is complete
    4. Jesus completed his work – perfection
    5. We are being sanctified – God is still working on us
    6. What has God written on the library of your heart?
    7. Forgiven, no more sacrifice needed!
    8. That’s deep!  These truths about Jesus work can get us to be feeling good about life.  As a matter of fact, these truths remind us that the Holy Spirit is working in our hearts and minds so that we live these truths.  Jesus is working on us so that we are able to know God and to stand before God.  How are we to stand before God?


  1. We can boldly approach God (10:19-21)
    1. Therefore!
    2. Since  we have the Blood & flesh of Christ
      1. Blood – we get life through Jesus’ blood
      2. Flesh – the curtain is torn, Jesus body has been broken, and so we may enter God’s rest!
  2. Since we have a great priest over the house of God
  3. That’s deep!  We get to enter the heavens because of Jesus.  It is even deeper when we say that we can enter God’s rest because of the blood and flesh of Jesus!  Oh, the sweet by & by!  But, wait, what do we do until the day Jesus appears to the whole world?


  1. Until Jesus comes, we are to work together (10:22-25)
    1. Let us approach with a true heart
    2. Let us hold fast to the confession
    3. Let usconsider how to provoke one another to love and good deeds
      1. Some don’t meet together?

–          Fear of persecution – people will laugh at you for going to worship? Has Christ given you freedom?

–          Heresy – You heard something not true in the congregation? Pursue peace (12:14)

–          You feel worship is not essential to your personal faith?  – You can be a Christian all on your own? Thos who shrink back can be lost (10:39)

–          Tensions between believers?  Communication is problem, mainly the listening to each other. Let mutual love continue (13:1)

–          It is taking so long for Jesus to return?  Those who had faith endured ,without having Christ in this world (11:4-38)

  1. Encourage one another!

–          Stay away from sin, or face the punishment (10:26-31)

–          Endure, so you may receive what was promised (10:33-38)

–          Faith (11:1)

–          Jesus has gone before us (12:1-2)

–          All children get disciplined (12:7-11)

–          Pursue peace with everyone (12:14)

–          Watch over each other (12:15-17, 13:1-17))

  1. That’s deep!  We are in this together.  Whether you realize it or not, Jesus has brought us together through his death and resurrection.  Since he did so, who are we to break the body of Christ apart?  Yes, it is important that we stay in contact with those who have dropped out of worship and other activities of the church.  Our love for Jesus compels us to love all of our members.  There is much benefit from sticking together to stick to God’s ways.  As we do love and good deeds, our faith is made stronger.  As we do love and good deeds, we can have peace amongst us. 

I hope that you learned many deep things from the book of Hebrews.  I hope that your faith and your hope are confirmed by the love of God that is shown by the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus.


Apart from each other, our endurance fades.  Apart from God, our life fades.  It sure does sound much better to worship together than it does to die apart.  How else will you be sanctified, perfected by Jesus, if you aren’t hanging around the others whom Jesus is working on? 


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