The Lord is our righteousness.

What do you want?   The Lord is our righteousness

Luke 21:25-36            Jeremiah 33:14-16               December 2, 2012

What do you want for Christmas?  For a family trying to put food on the table, they just want a meal.  For a family grieving a loved one, they just want the pain to stop.  For a family that has been evicted because of a foreclosure, they just want a place to stay warm.

What do you want for Christmas?  We want whatever we want.  You want your stuff.  I want my stuff.  In wanting all this stuff, do we miss out what Christmas is all about?

We are starting Advent this day.  We are looking to be prepared for the coming of Jesus.  As we are waiting for him, will our desire keep us from seeing him?

Jeremiah and Luke point out to us the need that we can have to want Jesus.  We want good things, but we have to get through the dark times first.  Along the way, we look for the signs of the kingdom of God coming near.  We are on guard as these things come to pass so that we my able to stand before the Son of Man.


  1. We want good things to happen (Jer. 14-16)
    1. Things were bad for Israel & Judah – they had disobeyed God
    2. Jeremiah was calling the people back to God, they still wouldn’t listen!
    3. Yet, God was going to fulfill his promises (4:14)
    4. A righteous branch shall spring up for David (4:15)
    5. They will be saved & live in safety
    6. “The Lord our righteousness” will be the name for Jerusalem
    7. What do you want?  Do you want things to be done in such a way that is godly?  Do you want things to be done so that justice is lived?  Then it sounds like you want the Lord is our righteousness to be the name over you.  But, things are not just or righteous around us. It is dark times.


  1. But, we want to get through the dark times (Luke 21:25-28)
    1. The heavens will even let us know that Jesus is coming!
    2. These things will let us know that our redemption will be close at hand
    3. The dark times will come to an end.  That means the Son of Man is coming!  Do you want the Son of Man to come this Christmas?  Then we have to know the signs of his coming.


  1. We have to know the signs of what is coming (Luke 21:29-33)
    1. Fig tree – sprouts, then summer is soon
    2. These things – signs in nature
    3. Generation
      1. Those alive in the 1st group of believers
      2. Those who keep on believing, even through dark times?
  2. God’s/Jesus’ words will not pass away
  3. God’s promises will be fulfilled.  The signs are pointing to their fulfillment.  What then must we do?


  1. We  have to be on guard (Luke 21:34-36)
    1. Don’t be distracted by things in life
    2. Be alert!
    3. Pray for strength to escape these things
    4. What do you want?  Do you want your family and friends to escape all these things?  Then pray for them and pray for you to have strength to escape.  Otherwise, how will any stand before Jesus, the Son of Man?


What do you want this Christmas?  Do you want to stand before the Son of Man?  Do you want your family and friends to stand before the Son of Man?

Speak about the promises that God has made and is fulfilling.  Know that though there are dark times now, the Lord who is our righteousness will come to set everything straight.  If your life is not righteousness now, then you may have time to get it right.  Don’t wait too long!  The signs going on in the world around us let us know that the Son of Man is coming.  Do you know that your redemption is drawing near?  Isn’t that what you want this Christmas?


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