Why did he change the name of his blog?

Friends and followers,

I changed the name of my blog!  Pjwith2churches seemed to be too confusing.  Why did I do something like that?  Well, I wanted the blog to reflect me, in a more precise way.  Oh, if I get in trouble for using “United Methodist,” then I will change the name of the blog again.

I grew up in the United Methodist Church.  I serve as an Elder in the United Methodist Church.  I like our theology, our doctrine, and our connection.  So, it seems logical and faithful, to say that I am John the United Methodist.  I am not like that other John from bygone times, you know John the Baptist!  But I do baptize people!

With the name change for the blog comes the desire to post more often.  So, I will be training myself to do that.  Be aware that there may be some words that I type that will encourage you to be a United Methodist.  Oh, and we are Christians.  We use certain methods to grow closer to God and to discern how we follow Him in this world.

I will post again later this week!  God bless you!



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