Rambling Thoughts

Baptism has been my focus this year.  Yes, I want to perform more baptisms.  I just don’t do re-baptize anyone, at least with my knowledge.  Though is someone has to hide some truth about their state of being baptized, then we have much to pray about.

How is the church to do more baptisms?  One way is to have more babies!  With the average age of the UMC being over 55, we won’t be having a surge of infants to baptize!  So, what do we do?  I think focusing on making disciples is important.  Yes, we do baptize all, again this is done once.  Then we teach them – and this comes from Matthew 28:19-20.

How do we teach about being a disciple of Jesus Christ? I really interested in living out the idea of having sponsors for all baptism candidates.  These sponsors would walk through life   with the candidates, keeping a connection between them and the church.  This might mean training in what it means to be a sponsor.  It may even mean learning about hospitality.  

It may even mean that every thing the church does is about making disciples.  What about fundraisers, would they have to be about discipleship?  It could be said that church fundraisers take away from making disciples!  

It sure is hard to love Jesus and money.  It is easier to love Jesus and those whom Jesus loves.  Yes, that is right, we get to love people.  That is who gets baptized and gets to be disciples.  

Enough trouble-stirring for today!  Catch you next time!


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