What is going on here in this country?

God is the best for us!  He has no other designs on us than for us to be like Jesus.  He has no other agenda but for us to love as Christ Jesus loved us.  He has no desire but for us to be holy like he is holy.

So, what is going on here in this country?  We have proven that we do not want to be like Jesus.  We have shown that we do not love others as Christ Jesus has loved us.  We have desires that are about being as unholy as we can.

As a United Methodist, I believe we can repent of our ways.  God wants us to know Him.  Jesus shows how we are to know God.  What then is stopping us from following Jesus all  the to God?  

Oh, church is boring.  Church is irrelevant.  Church is old-fashioned.  Church is boring when it does not affirm our desire to do our own thing.  Church is irrelevant when it does not promote  your acceptance of a particular sin.  Church is old-fashioned when it does not accept worldly ways of thinking and practice.  

Somehow, someway while in Church, God works.  He is ready to fill your life with more of Him, which is not boring.  He is ready to walk with you every step that you take.  Which this is quite relevant – we need someone with us to avoid the traps that the world sets for us.  God wants to you to know him.  This is old-fashioned, but at least you know the end result.  That is you know there is one God who wants you to know peace, joy, and love – things this country does not know or desire.


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