After a small amount of prompting:

What happens when you meet Jesus? Lydia

Acts 16 😦 6-8) 9-15                           May 5, 2013

 There are some verses that are not included in the Acts passage for today that impact the passage.  Paul and Silas were traveling from Jerusalem to tell about Jesus Christ to the known world.  They were making their rounds and speaking for Jesus.  But something happened along the way.  It appears that the Holy Spirit had other plans for their travels.


When you meet Jesus, the Holy Spirit may lead you in ways that you do not expect.  You may go to places that you never thought of going.  You may meet people that you would never have thought that you would ever meet.    This goes along with what we have already learned about meeting Jesus.


We already know that you change.  You want to speak about Jesus.  You get stretched.  You realize that your decision to follow Jesus affects you, and everyone around you.  You become a disciple of Jesus.  You want to do the things that Jesus has done.  You accept the people God accepts!  You realize that God has a lot more in store for the church.


Now, we realize that the Holy Spirit guides our steps.  As the Holy Spirit directs us, we come upon people that are ready to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  We just don’t know them until we meet them!


  1. Paul & Silas were limited by the Holy Spirit (16:6-8)
    1. They couldn’t preach in Asia
    2. They couldn’t preach in Bithynia (northern Turkey)
    3. They went straight to Troas
    4. God the Holy Spirit guides us around places we don’t need to be.  It was almost like a detour for Paul and Silas.  “At that time,” is how Luke describes the travels around the heart of present-day Turkey.  It seems to be sort of like that saying we have heard some people say.  It goes like this: “When God closes one door, he opens another.”  In this case, when God closes one region, the opens another region.  In Paul and Silas’ case, they were to head to Europe, to Macedonia.


  1. God has a mission for us, for you (16:9-10)
    1. Paul had a vision
    2. “Come over to Macedonia”
    3. Paul & Silas started at once
    4. They figured God had called them to speak about Jesus
    5. God has work for us to do.  He desires that we preach the Good News.  Oh, that is a “church word”?  The Good news is that Jesus Christ rose from the dead.  Repeatedly speaking about Jesus is what Paul and Silas do.  Later, Augustine would write this idea when it comes to being on a mission from God: “God, without us, will not; we, without God, cannot.”  God needs us to go where he directs us to go.  When we do go where God tells us to go, we find people ready to hear about Jesus.


  1. Even new believers can help in the work of the church (16:11-15)
    1. Travel to Europe (Macedonia) – 1st time Gospel is given outside Asia!
    2. Lydia
      1. Rich merchant woman
      2. Worshipped God (a Gentile who knew about God)
      3. Praying with Jewish women beside the river, outside of Philippi
  2. Thyatira 
    1. Lydia is from here!
    2. Revelation 1:11 – one of 7 churches listed by John
    3. Revelation 2:18  – problems in the church due to sexual immorality
  3. A true believer
    1. She feared God!
    2. She & her household got baptized!
  4. We can trust God to help more and more people to be a believer in Jesus Christ.  When we meet Jesus, we meet more people who are willing to believe him.  The Holy Spirit directs us to them.  There are people in this world who are ready to be baptized.  And the Holy Spirit is leading you to the people ready to be baptized. 


When you meet Jesus, you get the Holy Spirit guiding you.  That’s right; God wants you to go to people who are ready to believe the Good News about Jesus Christ.  You are going to meet people who are ready to hear more about Jesus. 


Don’t worry about what you are going to say.  The Holy Spirit will give you the words to say.  The people to whom you are lead, they will believe in Jesus.  But you have to go where the Holy Spirit leads you.  To whom is the Holy Spirit leading you?


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