Jesus is not here.  He is at the right hand of God.  What is he doing there?  He is talking to God about you, me, and everyone.  Those who believe Jesus is the Son of God realize that Jesus, in a flesh & bone body, is showing God the Father what He did for all humanity.

Jesus was the only god who ever came to earth. Jesus is the only person who has gone into heaven.  He is God Incarnate and He is Flesh Ascended.  The only way to get to be with God is to follow Jesus. This means living Jesus, dying Jesus, and being resurrected Jesus.  It is the truth that there is only one way.  By following Jesus (the way) and knowing Jesus (the truth), then we can be where Jesus is (the life).

While Jesus, in the flesh, is speaking to God the Father about us, what are we doing here?  Are we, in the flesh, speaking about God to those around us?


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