A bit of humor

A boy was hearing many names read during the worship service.  He asked his dad, “Why are all these people being called out?”

His dad replies, “They are those who died while in the service.”

The son then asks, “Was that the 9:30 or the 11 o’clock service?”


Seriously, we do thank God for those who have given their lives in defense of freedom.  The American soldiers, sailors, marines, guards, etc, who have fought to protect freedom and democracy are to be commended.

Yet, in other countries their young men and women also fight to protect their values.  Are they to be commended in their society as well?

As a Christian, I thank God for Jesus the Christ who died so that I may be free from sin.  There is where honor is due; to Jesus for giving his life, raising again from the dead, and interceding for us before God the Father.  

One sin that we need free from is pride.  When the pride we have in our nation overwhelms us, we place our nation before God.  This is true for whatever nation we talk about.  As our patriotism rises, and wanes, may be keep our patriotism subject to our faith in Jesus the Christ.  Otherwise, our pride can make us fall.  it is far better to humble ourselves than to be humbled by the Almighty!


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