We believe in Jesus Christ.

I believe in Jesus Christ.

Psalm 110      John 1:1-14    Philippians 2:5-11                 June 9, 2013

When Vince Lombardi became the coach of the Green Bay Packers, he had a meeting with his players.  He began by saying, “We will begin with the fundamentals of football.”  Then he held up a football and said, “This is what you call a football.”


One of the veteran players responded, “Coach, will you run through that again.  I didn’t get it!”


The Apostles’ Creed is fundamental to our faith.  We need to review what we believe.  There are truths in this creed that aid our living.  As a matter of fact, by stating that Jesus the Christ is our lord, we are going to have our lives directed in ways that we may not have thought about or considered.


As part of knowing whom we believe in, we realize that as we are baptized in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, we also state our faith in God in the same fashion.  We say this belief is in the Trinity.  That is God expresses himself and we relate to God as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  The Apostles’ Creed expresses this.  Our living reflects what we believe.  It is in the Trinity, the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, that we live and move and have our being.  Let us find who this Jesus is and how we are to follow him.


  1. In Jesus Christ (Philippians 2:5-11)
    1. “In” – not just believe, a deeper meaning
    2. “Jesus” – God saves, God delivers
      1. He was born, lived, suffered, died, & rose again
      2. He brings relief from punishment for sins & deliverance from sin
  2. “Christ” – the anointed of God, the Messiah
    1. Israel was looking for the anointed of God
    2. Followers of Jesus believe he is such!
  3. He emptied himself (Phil. 2:7)
  4. He was obedient, even to death (2:8)
  5. His name is above all else
  6. Irenaeus (130-200 AD) – “The Church, though scattered through the whole world to the ends of the earth, has received from the Apostles and their disciples the faith . . . in one Christ Jesus, the Son of God, who became flesh for our salvation.”
  7. There is much meaning in Jesus’ name. Saying that we believe in Jesus Christ is saying that he is not only important to us, but that his life gives our lives a foundation for living.  We are saying that our knowing Jesus Christ allows us to know God the Father.  We are saying that Jesus gives us salvation and receive this from him. It is like you can go to Food City, but it is when you go in the store that you get what you need.  We get what we need for life when we believe in Jesus Christ.  Who is this Jesus?


  1. His Only Son (John 1:1-14)
    1. The Son of the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth
    2. Only – there is no other, the Greek is “only”
    3. Son – straight from God, we get God!
    4. God has come to live among us!
    5. When we see Jesus’, we see the Father – Glory!
    6. Jesus is God living amongst us.  God knows our suffering, our success, and our life here on earth.  God was willing to give his only son so that we may become children of God. God wants us to be with him.  So, as we follow Jesus, then we get to be with God.  Yet, God wants us to live a certain way.  We learn that way as we are under the lordship of Jesus Christ.


  1. Our Lord (Psalm 110)
    1. “Kyrios” – Paul uses the term over 250 times!
    2. Same word used for God’s name in the Old Testament
      1. YHWH (tetragrammaton)
      2. “I am” – Exodus 3:14
      3. “I am” sayings of the Gospel of John
  2. Indicates power, sovereignty, the ability to rule
  3. Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis quote
  4. The Holy Spirit enables us to say, “Jesus is Lord” (Romans 10:9, 1 Corinthians12:3)
  5. His enemies become his footstool (Psalm 110:1)
  6. Jesus can be our savior.  He is also our lord.  He may even be telling us today what told the woman caught in adultery: “Go and sin no more.”  Jesus is either a lunatic, an imposter, or he is who he says he is.  If we are going to believe in him, then we accept his direction, his rules in how we live.  If he is who he says he is, then we have reason to obey him.  The consequence of not obeying is that we become his footstool.


We United Methodist Christians, who are trying to live as disciples, believe that Jesus is fully God and fully man.  We believe in Jesus Christ as God’s only Son. That is Jesus is God coming in the flesh to help get all flesh to be with God. 


As we accept Jesus Christ, then we also give our lives over to him.  He becomes the one who directs our talking, our walking, and our singing.  Every aspect of our lives is informed and challenged to display Jesus Christ as being more important than anything else.



Jesus came into the world singing; Jesus lived singing; Jesus died singing.

Jesus rose up in silence.

If the song is to continue, it is up to us. Go now in peace.  Amen.


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