Summer Vacation

Dear Friends,

 As you go on vacation this summer, are you heading to a church in the area that you are vacating in order to worship the Lord?  I know that some of you are, because I have seen some bulletins from those churches.

 We depend on God so much, that He almost becomes an afterthought.  It is not like we forget God, but His words and ways are not always on the tip of our tongue or top of our mind.  Wouldn’t it be neat to worship God when you are on vacation?  There is a change of scenery.  There are new people around.

 But then there are the favorite hymns.  There is the routine of sitting, standing, and shaking hands that reminds us of the familiarity and purpose of our being alive.  What is that familiarity and purpose?  Our familiarity is that we know we and others worship God.  Our purpose is to do just that, worship God, wherever we are.

 As you do visit churches this summer, what efforts do those churches do that show you the love of God and the love of that church?  In other words, what made you feel welcome?  Are there efforts that we could be doing that would help guests feel welcome?  Are there efforts that we need not do because it comes off as fake or contrived?

 Maria and I have visited churches while on vacation.  Some encouraged a relaxed atmosphere, like shorts and T-shirts.  Others were a bit impersonal.  Some we signed pew pads to register our attendance.  Others gave information about their church to us.  Some even contacted us after we returned home and told us that they appreciated seeing us in worship.  Others, well, there was no acknowledgement that we were even there.  Regardless of how the church came across to us, we wanted to worship God.  And we did worship God.


For those of us who did not go on vacation this summer, I hope we have been able to welcome guests at our church.  I hope we have been able to be authentic with our guests.  We want all to worship.  And we want many to worship God with us.

 Enjoy God this summer!

 In Christ’s Service,



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