I believe Jesus was crucified, dead, and buried.

I believe Jesus was crucified, dead, and buried.

John 19:17-42            July 7, 2013

In the beginning, God created this universe and called it good.  He created the heavens, the earth, the trees, the animals, the insects, and humans.  All that he saw was good.

 After telling Adam and Eve to eat of any tree but the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, Adam and Eve had an opportunity to explore the Garden of Eden.  While there in the garden, Adam and Eve both ate of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  This disobedience caused Adam and Eve to be expelled from the Garden of Eden. 

 Since then, the rest of us humans have been disobeying God.  God has used many means to call us back to him.  There have been prophets, droughts, and enemy occupation.  For a time this would bring people back to God.  We would humans would continue to go away from God’s ways – something had to be done.

 What was God to do?  It would have to take the Son of God to come to be with humans in order for us to get back to God.  So, God sent Jesus.  It would take more than Jesus being with us.  We saw last week that Jesus suffered under Pontius Pilate.  The something more that Jesus was to do – to be crucified, dead, and buried –had to happen in order for humans to get back to God.

 We read about Jesus’ crucifixion, death, and burial.  No matter how many times we read about it, we see something about God’s design to get us back to him.  God did what was necessary.


  1. Jesus was crucified (John 19:17-30)
    1. Because Jesus was an accused criminal, worthy to be put to death, he had to be taken outside the camp (Num. 15:36)
    2. Even those crucified with him, accused him (1 Kings 21:13 – like Naboth being falsely accused)
    3. They divided his clothes (Ps. 22:18)
    4. Jesus showed us how to be ready to die
      1. Took care of his mother (John was to care for her)
      2. We too can make plans for our families (wills, etc)
  2. They even gave him sour wine (vinegar) to drink (Ps. 69:21)!
  3. Then he gave up his spirit/breath
  4. What a devastating event to behold!  Even knowing that he was to die, Jesus made sure his mother’s needs were supplied.  John was going to take care of Mary.  Even with the cruelty of the soldiers, the mocking of the crowd, and the loss of all his belongings, Jesus went to his death.  But was he dead after all?


  1. The Romans made sure he was dead (John 19:31-38)
    1. The person hanged on a tree was to be taken down (Deuteronomy 21:23) – they were cursed
    2. The Jews had to get ready for the Passover (Ex. 12:18)
    3. Zechariah 13:1 says there is to be a new fountain for the house of David – surely this water & blood from Jesus side was that fountain!
    4. The ones crucified with Jesus had their legs broken – made sure they were dead
    5. Jesus’ legs were not broken/the bones of the paschal lamb were not broken (Ex. 12:46 & Numbers 9:12)
    6. Evil surrounded Jesus, even at his death (Ps. 22:16)
    7. Jesus was dead.  Nobody took his place.  He really was human and divine, and he died.  The Romans would not have said otherwise.  Then what happened to Jesus’ body?


  1. Jesus was buried (John 19:39-42)
    1. Despite his fear of the Jews, Joseph was secure (Proverbs 29:25)
    2. The king’s servants buried the king, like Josiah was buried by his servants (2 Kings 23:30)
    3. They buried him with spices, like Asa was buried (2 Chronicles 26:14)
    4. Joseph & Nicodemus placed Jesus in a new tomb

–          Jesus’ tomb was with the rich (Isaiah 53:9)

–          Only a rich person could afford a new tomb!

  1. That was it.  Jesus was crucified, dead, and was buried.  Yet, even on that day, God was working; fulfilling the prophecies had given centuries before.  Evil may have looked like it triumphed.  The church would later see that they were not battling other humans, but that their battle was against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in heavenly places.  Ever since Adam and Eve lost their battle against evil, we humans have been battling evil.  It appeared that evil beat Jesus.  It may appear that evil is winning in our country.  Jesus was buried.  But we who follow Jesus know that there is more to the story!  We do need to remember that Jesus had to die.  Why did he have to die? So that we could be with God.

 The Apostles’ Creed summarizes the Bible for us.  And this acknowledgement of Jesus’ crucifixion, death, and burial shows how the Old Testament points to the New Testament.  It points to God working through time to get his creation, we humans, back to him.

 Jesus, the only begotten Son, our Lord, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, this is the one who suffered under Pontius Pilate.  Then Jesus died.  May our disobedience die that same death?  Just as we know Jesus rose again, may we rise with him, free from our sins.


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