Who said being a Christian is easy?

Some statistics show that about 80% of America does not attend church every week.  Yet, other polls show that over 80% of America believes in God.  These numbers don’t seem to add up.  That is until we start to look at the reasons people are not worshiping God.

There is the statement, “Church is boring.”  Yes, that does happen.

How about this one: “Church people are judgmental.”  Yes, that does happen.

Then of course there is this declaration: “I didn’t get anything out of the sermon/worship service.”

As a pastor, I don’t like to see “boring” worship service.  But I will come back to this one.  As for being judgmental, just saying that others are seemingly judgmental is in itself a judgmental statement!  Yes, there are people who attend church who do major in the putting down of anyone who don’t fit their model of a church-going person.  As we follow Jesus Christ, we will hopefully learn not judge others in such a fashion that those others stop worshiping God.

As for not getting anything from the worship service, what does that mean?  Does that mean you have not prepared for worship, therefore missing the opportunity to meet God through the music, prayers, Scripture, or sermon?  On the other hand, there are times I have heard that Jesus Christ was never mentioned in a worship service – by anyone present!  Notwithstanding these occurrences, praying for and expecting to meet God in the worship service is important.  As a pastor, I need to seek God’s direction for the worship service and the sermon.  As a follower of Jesus Christ, I need to seek God’s presence whenever I am attending worship.  Then I will know that I will get something from worship.  It may happen every week.  It may not.  But I still am looking forward to what God has for me.

Now, for boring worship we seem to have touched on the idea of how to escape that.  And, no, that does not mean skipping worship entirely!  Preparing ourselves individually for worship is important.  God is speaking in this world today.  We are responsible to hear him.  This means that we pray, and read the Bible, each week, expecting God to meet us.  If God has not met anyone in a long time in the worship service, then we know that we haven’t been preparing ourselves for what God has for us.

I hope you can prepare yourself for this week’s worship service, wherever you attend.  As more of us meet God in worship, then we can tell others that church is exciting and that we got something out of worship.  Who knows, as more people meet God in worship, then there just might be fewer judgmental people!  That is, as people are meeting God in worship, then they won’t bother condemning others who are seeking God.


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