The Lord’s Prayer – Preparing for God’s Kingdom: Daily Bread March 23, 2014

Matthew 6:11                        Proverbs 30:7-9         Psalm 95 (814)          John 6:25-29

As we learn to pray the Lord’s Prayer, we learn to be disciples of Jesus Christ.  It is one thing to say the prayer weekly in worship.  It is another thing to know what we are praying.  So, far we have learned that God is the Father of all who believe in Jesus Christ.  And we need time with God for our lives.

 We also know that God’s kingdom is coming!  As we are waiting for the kingdom to arrive completely, we get to live and do God’s will.  Along the way, we need sustenance.  From whom will we get what we need?

Jesus is our bread.  A disciple realizes that the disciple needs Jesus every day so as to be in contact with God’s kingdom.  But there is more in these words than that, there is the fact that we need and God gives us what we need.  What we need from God is what we get daily from him.  That’s right, we need bread.


  1. Give us
    1. Before now – “Your” (Kingdom, will)
    2. Now – “Our”, “Us”
    3. Not just for “me,” but for all humanity

–       God’s works are for all of humanity (Psalm 107:8)

–       We are to feed the hungry (Matthew 24:35-40)

–       God gives, so we can be saved (Isaiah 45:22)

  1. “O God, to those who hunger give bread; and to those who have bread the hunger for justice.” – Latin prayer[1]
  2. When we are praying the Lord’s Prayer, we are not only praying for our individual selves.  We are praying for all of the men, women, and children of this planet.  We know that God wants all to be able to enter His Kingdom.  Though we know that all will not accept, of their own free choice, the good God has for us.  So, we accept the idea from Jesus that we are asking for all of us to receive from God.  Otherwise, how would there be evidence of our living in God’s kingdom?  Until we get in God’s kingdom, we are to be praying.  For what time frame are we praying?


  1. This day
    1. Exodus 16 – manna – for each day (except 6th day – an extra omer)
    2. Not worrying about tomorrow – Matthew 6:34
    3. God gives us food at the proper time (Psalm 145:15-16)
    4. Almost like we are living simply – the prosperous housewife who said: “What I wouldn’t give to be back in our first little apartment again, where everything was so simple and we slept like babes every night because we had worked hard and played hard and loved each other like the youngsters we were!”[2]
    5. So, we ask for what God has for us.  And God gives it to us.  He is ready to give.  We have to be ready to receive.  This day we are living a day closer to being in God’s kingdom.  So, God gives us what we need.  Even the daily sustenance is what God gives us.


  1. Our daily bread
    1. We need food
      1.  Jesus had been accused of eating too much (Matthew 11:9)
      2. We live by more than bread (Luke 4:3)
      3. Jesus fed 5,000 (Matthew 14:13-21)
      4. Just as God gave the Israelites bred from heaven, he gives us bread (John 6:32-33)
  2. We need something to drink (John 19:28)
  3. The Lord gives food to the hungry (Psalm 107:9; 146:7)

–       Sometimes without price! (Isaiah 55:1)

–       The early church gave out bread, daily (Acts 6:1)

  1. We share our bread with the hungry (Isaiah 58:7)
  2. Joanna, Chuza, Susanna, & many others provided for Jesus & his disciples out of their resources (Luke 8:3)
  3. Proverbs 30:7-9 – balance
    1. Too much – then ask, “Who is the Lord?”
    2. Too little – then steal, profane the name of my god
  4. God can, God will, and God does give us what we need for each day.  God created the heavens and the earth.  He also created all of the plants and animals that we have for food.  God provides for us the bread, and drink, that we need to survive, even live this life we have now.  So, we ask for daily bread.  We don’t want to forget that we depend upon God.  We don’t want to forget that there are others who need daily bread as well.  So, we give away what God has given to us.  This helps feed the people around us. 

Give us this day our daily bread is our prayer.  It is praying that God would provide what we need for life, including food.  And God will not only provide this for us here, but for all the people around the globe.  God provides this food even daily.

So, as we are disciples of Jesus Christ, we realize that we are dependent upon God.  We are looking forward to his kingdom coming and for his will to be done.  We want to live until that time is complete.  So, God is the one whom we ask to provide what we need.  And God does provide.  Next week, we will get to see what the God-given bread gives us energy to do.

[1] Jan Milic Lochman, The Lord’s Prayer, (William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., Grand Rapids; 1990), p. 98

[2] John Killinger, The God Named Hallowed, (Abingdon Press, Nashville; 1988), p. 44


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