The Bible, Christians, and movies (plus television shows)

Dear Friends,

Wow! Times have certainly changed.  In the 1500’s, William Tyndale translated the Bible into English.  He did this work so that the people would have the Bible in their own language and their own hands.  Since that time there have been numerous translations of the Bible.  The vast majority of languages and dialects of this current world have almost a complete translation of the Bible.

As we spend time reading the Bible, we gain a better understanding of how God desires us to live.  Of course if we learn better by audible means, then there are numerous examples of the Bible recorded in an audio format. 

Last year the American population had the opportunity to experience the Bible in a visual format.  With only so many hours, and only so much money available, only some of the major stories were part of the video presentation.  The television version of the Bible became this year’s theatrical release, “The Son of God.”

Over the past 70 years, we have seen stories of the Bible that have been made into movies.  This includes “The Ten Commandments.”  This year is the movie “Noah.”  And there have been a few other examples of Bible-related movies.

Here is my encouragement for you.  Whenever you go to the theatre or watch television show or movies that are based on the Bible or have a Christian them, do read your Bible before you go.  Of course it wouldn’t hurt to read your Bible after having watched a major motion picture that has a Biblical theme.  It is good to have an understanding of what God said through the people whom wrote the Bible. 

I would not presume to tell you what movies to watch or what movies not watch when it comes to Bible-themed movies.  I would not even tell you to have an open mind to what movies are aimed at a Christian audience.  Because movies influence our culture and our society so much, I would remind you of the importance of the Bible.  God could use movies to get our attention so that we would live like Christ Jesus.  Then, there is also the opposite idea.  The great deceiver could use movies to scramble our understanding of what God has for us in His word.

Yes, I know that for part of us our faith is strong enough to discern the divine message that God has for us, no matter the medium used.  There are parts of us that our faith is still growing, or faltering, or on edge.  For this part of our church, I would doubly encourage you to spend time daily, even a few verses at a time, in reading the Bible.

I would not want anyone to falter in their faith because of a mass-marketed media presentation.  I do desire that you would be strengthened in your faith so that no matter what happens in life, you will be firmly grounded in God’s Word.

 Finally, have a great time celebrating Jesus’ resurrection this month!

In Christ’s Service,


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