A Great Earthquake April 20, 2014

Acts 10:34-43            Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24   Colossians 3:1-4       Matthew 28:1-10

Christ is dead.  Christ is risen. Christ will come again.

Christ is risen.  Christ is risen, indeed.                    (Pause)

The world is so much about other things.  But here at church, you get to hear about Jesus Christ.  The world is about drama.  Jesus is about passion.  The world is about go, go, go.  Jesus is about living.  The world is about putting people in their place.  Jesus is about making a place for people.

What did Christ rise from?  How do we know that it was not a trick?  Why would want to know about Jesus’ passion, his living, and his making a place for people?  We would want to know about Jesus’ passion, his living, and his making a place for people, because we don’t have enough passion in our lives.  Our go, go, go leaves us empty.  And we need to know that there is a place for us, other than the grave.

  1. Jesus is about passion (Matthew 28:1)
  2. Jesus knew he was going to die (Isaiah 50:4-9a)
  3. Jesus did not defend himself against lies or betrayal (Matthew 27:11-14)
  4. Jesus lived to do God’s will – saving us from our sins (Isaiah 52 & 53)
  5. Jesus’ female followers were passionate about him (28:1)
  6. We know that God created the universe in 7 days.  The 7th day was one of rest and it was holy.  Symbolically, Jesus’ tomb was visited on the 1st day of the week.  Little did Mary Magdalene and the other Mary know what they were doing.  For us, we see Christ’s rising as making the 1st day of the week holy.  Mary Magdalene went to pay her respects to the one who had delivered her from 7 demons.  What she didn’t know was Jesus’ passion is about living.  Mary was going to find this out.


  1. Jesus is about living (Matthew 28:2-7)
  2. A great earthquake
  3. Isaiah 29:6 – the Lord of Hosts visits, accompanied by an earthquake
  4. Habakkuk 3:6 – God shakes the earth
  5. Haggai 2:21-22 – the Lord will shake the earth & heavens, & destroy strength of kingdoms – The guards shook & became like dead men!
  6. Matthew 27:51-54 – Temple, earthquake, dead raised, & a centurion who called Jesus a son of God!
  7. An angel – rolled back the stone, when he came from heaven
  8. “Do not be afraid”
  9. Jesus was crucified – happened once, yet he still is crucified
  10. He has been raised – God the Father did this raising
  11. Jesus has been raised from the dead – tell the disciples
  12. Jesus was not going to stay in the tomb.  He had told his disciples this fact, at least 3 times!  It took a great earthquake to roll the stone away.  Earthquakes get our attention.  They let us know that there is power beyond our own.  And this power is massive!  The power showed that Jesus is alive!  And Jesus is still alive.  Jesus is about living, even after death. What is the next thing for Jesus?


  1. Jesus is about making a place for people (Matthew 28:8-10)
  2. In Galilee, Jesus had healed many, driven out demons, and fed the multitude
  3. The message Mary Magdalene would carry – you will see Jesus in Galilee
  4. Jesus met Mary Magdalene and the other Mary
  5. They held his feet
  6. They worshipped him – like the Magi did on their visit in Bethlehem
  7. Jesus repeated the angel’s message for the disciples – “Brothers – see you in Galilee.”
  8. Our place with God (Colossians 3:1-4)
    1. Seek God’s things
    2. Our life is hidden with Christ in God
    3. When Christ is revealed, then you will be revealed
    4. We give up the way we lived before; we now do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus!
  9. Jesus was continuing his ministry.  That is why he went to Galilee.  Those who had been ostracized for being sick, demon-possessed, and hungry had a place with Jesus.  That is, their place in life was restored.  Jesus makes a place for us. He makes it possible for us to be with God.  Our place in life is not to die, but to live with God.  Jesus had to die, and rise again, for us to know this.


Jesus is about passion.  His ministry was about God’s will to people’s lives.  In the process, Jesus was killed.  But, he rose from the tomb, alive.

Jesus is about living.  Maybe it would take an earthquake striking for us to notice Jesus.  We know that an earthquake struck when the angel told the Mary’s about Jesus resurrection.

Jesus is about making a place for people.  The place is called live with God.  That life starts when Jesus meets us in this world.  Christ is risen.  We all can meet him in this life.  Jesus is still healing people, casting out demons, and feeding the multitude.  I hope you start living when you meet Jesus.


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