A Prayer for Endurance

Lord God,
Thank you for being persistent in making sure that we humans get to know you. Your love and your holiness are such that you don’t want us to suffer being away from you. When we discover your love and your holiness, we find that you do not leave us. We do find your correction, even in your love and your holiness. And we are the better for your correction from sin.

As our brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ are suffering in Iraq, Syria, and other places around this world, help them to sustain their faith. Even as they are being persecuted to the point of death, by beheading or gunshot, may they catch visions of you, like Stephen did.

May their persecutors find that faith in Jesus Christ is worth living for and dying for.

For those of us who are not being persecuted like this, help us to have such faith that we can also endure to the end, especially when persecution in our locale becomes so strong.

Guide us by your Holy Spirit until this whole world sees Jesus Christ come in his glory. It is in the powerful name of Christ Jesus that we pray. Amen.


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