I don’t post much on my this blog about my personal life. For starters, not everyone needs or wants to know about my personal life. But there are times that even a person who follows Jesus Christ has to let other people know how we Christians live in troubled times.

This is how we live in troubled times. We get up in the morning and thank God for the day. We let God know our appreciation for our lives. We let Jesus know what the troubles are for that day. It turns out that he knows already! We eat, and drink water and sweet tea – I am a United Methodist after all and we are tee-totalers! We face the day. We try to be as congenial to people as possible, knowing that we are witnessing to our faith in Jesus just as much in troubled times as we are in good times. We seek and give forgiveness, even if the other party wants nothing to do with forgiveness.

In troubled times, we know that God is still God. We also know that Jesus is at God’s right hand and he is interceding for us. That is, Jesus is speaking to God the Father about our concerns.

The chiropractor said that I had tension in my neck, shoulders, and head. My response was, “Yes.” I trust God with all that I am. Yet, I know that He has given me insights, a capable mind, and methods of reasoning to handle any situation. So, as troubled times ebb into better times, I get to release that tension in healthy, reasonable ways so that God is praised, by me and others.

In the process of writing this piece, I gain a sense of focus. Reminding myself that I belong to God through faith in Jesus Christ is healthy and necessary for me to do.

I know that God has been with me through my life. He has not left me yet! Because God has no left me, I am more resolved to not give up my faith in Him just because times are troubled right now. Now is the time to live the faith I have been reading about in the Bible, praying about in my journal, and preaching about for the past 15 years.

Besides, if followers of Jesus Christ can hold onto their faith in Jesus Christ when they are being persecuted and killed for that faith, then surely I can hold onto Jesus no matter how hot the fire is or how fast the waters are raging around me.

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