Dear Friends,

Greetings in the Name of the Lord!  I pray that this letter finds you growing in the grace of God, the love of Jesus Christ, and the wisdom that the Holy Spirit provides each of us.

There are times we ask ourselves, “What good is such and such event?”  If it is a picnic for our high school reunion, then we know that we will be able to re-connect with our old buddies.  If it is summertime and the fair is in town, then it is a good time to get the children or grandchildren exhausted so that they will go to bed on time, or even early!  If it is a community meeting about a proposed new structure or service to the community, then it is great time to have your voice heard on whatever the endeavor is.

What about if the event is at the church?  Do we know why we have any event at the church?  As our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world, then each and every event would, hopefully, lead to more people realizing who Jesus Christ is and allow each individual to make a move towards following Jesus.

So, let us ask this question about an upcoming event.  What good is a revival?  It is a time for the people of the church to gather for more good music and more good preaching.  I say more because, hopefully, during the weekly Sunday morning worship services we are already hearing good music and good preaching!  It is also a time to invite our friends and families to church.  They may hear something in a song or from the guest preacher that inspires them to have faith or deeper faith in Jesus Christ.

A revival is a good time to be revived.  Maybe we have made a commitment 20 or 30 years ago to follow Jesus.  A revival could be the time that God reminds you of that commitment.  Or, because of the busy-ness of life, your faith in Christ Jesus has waned.  When you attend the revival, maybe, just maybe, your faith in Christ grows because you have decided to remove old hindrances, like a bad attitude or unforgiveness, to be removed from your life.  When you do this action, then you are revived! You no longer are carrying these burdens.  But now you have a renewed outlook on life and are ready to live for Jesus Christ.

How, then, do we make this upcoming revival a good event?  If you have not been praying for God to move in, through, and around the revival, then now is a great time to start.  That is right, we pray for our speaker, our musicians, our pastor, our friends, our church, our families, our neighbors, our children, and our youth to recognize the movement of God’s Holy Spirit through the revival.

We also invite people to the revival.  We pick up the lonely neighbor and take them to the church for the revival.  We remind our friends at work and school of the revival.  We tell the lunch waitress about the revival.  We tell the delivery guy about the revival.

Our revival will be good as we pray for the event and invite people to the revival.  In the process our faith grows because we are praying more and we are actually inviting someone to church.


In Christ’s Service,

John Grimm


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