A pastoral letter

Dear Friends,

Grace and peace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ!

Paul wrote much of what became the New Testament.  In his letters to the churches in various locales, he expressed criticism, encouragement, and love through this means of communication.  He shared his experiences with the people of the various churches in which God had led him to work.  There were even personal notes to close acquaintances in several of the letters.

As I am the pastor appointed to serve these two churches in the Twin Counties, I admire how Paul was able to live and work among the people of the various nations surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. His model is one I am going to try to emulate now.

There is much encouragement for me as a pastor/preacher when I see how God uses the sermons I deliver and the leadership I give.  That is right, I have noticed that there are a few among these churches who have grown in their faith because of how God has used me!  Your trust in God, your deepening love for one another, and your response to how the Holy Spirit is moving among us has sprung some of us to greater generosity!  Yes, even if one person grows as disciple of Jesus Christ that is a reward.  How much greater would it be if more people in our midst were growing as disciples of Jesus Christ!

If there is something blocking you from growing as a disciple of Jesus Christ, then know that I am praying that the impediment would be removed.  As you see fit, call me, send me a message, or chat with me so that we can find ways to overcome any obstacle to your growing faith in Jesus Christ.

Through the past several months, ye even years, you have been an encouragement to me and my family!  As we will notice, we do a fair amount of encouragement to one another.  As we develop small groups, may we see a greater amount of encouragement for each other to follow Jesus Christ!

I thank God for the privilege of being your pastor.  God’s love is being demonstrated in our midst!  The dedication and love you show for the Backpack Buddy program is tremendous!  The shouldering of the burden of cleaning the church these past few months has been wonderful.  The willingness to help the youth develop as outstanding leaders and followers of Jesus is marvelous.  The willingness to forgo our own desires for the future of the church makes your pastor’s heart to sing!

Oh, we have had some bumps along the time we have been together.  We may even have more.  Through these times, our faith in God and our love for the saints around us is growing.  Jesus Christ has brought us together.  It is faith in Jesus Christ that will keep this church together and growing.  May the love you have for Christ Jesus grow exceeding all of our imaginations!


In Christ Service,



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