A Christmas Service

Dear Friends,

Grace and peace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ!

Is it time for December to appear on our calendars already? Wow.  The year has gone by at a rapid pace.  But you are still able to read this or you are having someone read it to you!  Praise the Lord!

Advent is upon us.  It actually started November 30th this year.  That means we are preparing for the coming of Christ.  We are preparing for Christmas.  Oh, I am not going to throw a hissy-fit because we sing Christmas hymns during Advent and not just during the Twelve Days of Christmas.  Our culture has witnessed Christmas decorations in stores since just after Halloween!  We can oppose our culture only so much.

So, let us sing the Christmas hymns with gusto.  Let us sing our faith on Sunday morning.  Who knows, you might get caught singing along with the Christmas music that is playing at the stores, or even at work!  Go ahead get caught admitting that you have faith in Jesus Christ.

It is a joy to see Christmas plays at the church.  It is wonderful to participate in the Christmas Eve Service (10 PM this year).  But what about those who are not involved in Church, how can we help our community celebrate Christmas, celebrate Jesus?

Over the next several weeks, we will make final preparations for a Christmas service to be held at least one local restaurant.  We will have time to sing some hymns.  We will read the Christmas story.  Then we will have a short sermon about Jesus’ birth.  Would you be willing to assist with this service?  We need some willing singers.  We will need some publicity.  We will need a prayer foundation laid so that we can witness to our faith in this Christmas service.

Why would we want to do a Christmas service at a local restaurant?  Don’t we have enough stuff going on?  As we remember Jesus became human so we could get to God, we see the reason for us to do this Christmas service, and many other ministries we do in our community.  Jesus did not remain in heaven.  He came to walk the streets of this world.  So, following that example, we walk were the people in our community are.  They are at the restaurants. They are at the stores.

Do let me know of your willingness to assist with this Christmas service.

From my family to your family: Merry Christmas!

In Christ’s Service,

John L. Grimm


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