What ministry???

Dear Friends,

What is your ministry?  For those of us who have been baptized, we have a ministry.  You could use either the word “mission” or the word “service” in place of “ministry.”  You could even say “job” or “task,” though these words seem to conjure up the idea that anyone can do what you are doing, or even the idea that what you are doing is just checking things off of a list.

Ministry is serving God by teaching or helping another person to know the love of God and the love of God’s people.  Who is involved in ministry?  The pastor, the custodian, the Sunday School teacher, the pianist, and every person who claims a seat in a church are the ones involved in ministry.

Part of my ministry over the next couple of months will be to help interview local pastors and Elder candidates for the Wytheville District and the Holston Conference.  Part of my ministry is to visit people in their homes, the hospitals, and nursing homes.  Part of my ministry is to preach on God’s word for us today.  Part of my ministry is to help lead the churches to which the bishop has appointed me.  Part of my ministry is for me to be a little Christ to the people with whom I interact.

As I am serving God in these various roles and functions, I am not alone.  There are dozens of other people who are involved.  In the United Methodist Church, we consider everyone who has been baptized to have a ministry or two.  Clergy, those ordained or appointed as local pastors, have a distinct ministry.  But so do you.  So you are not a clergyperson, does that mean you have no service to give to God?  All laity, every person in the UMC who is not clergy, have a ministry.

We clergy come from the laity.  (We really are not from another planet!)  It is the laity who have historically led the way in ministry in the UMC.  How else was the church to live when the circuit-riding preacher only came by once a quarter?  What is your ministry?  Can you show me what your ministry is?

If there is a ministry that is needed in our church, then get to it!  Get two other people with you and get it done.  Don’t wait to be asked, for I may not see the ministry for which you are concerned.  I pray that God will raise up more people in our church to be involved in ministry.  I do believe you may just the person for the work that God has for us to do!

In Christ’s Service,



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