Taking a trip

This Saturday will contain something new for both of the churches that I lead as pastor.  We are going to take a trip.  And that is each church will be taking a trip this Saturday.  One church, Gladeville UMC, will be taking brown bag lunches (sandwich, chips, dessert, fruit, & a drink) to a trailer park with approximately 45 mobile homes.  One Church, Mt. Olivet UMC, will be taking the brown bag lunches to two trailer parks that have approximately 50 mobile homes combined.

Why would a church, let alone 2 churches, take these sort of trips?  For too long Christians have been judged as being judgmental.  That idea alone sounds quirky! Yet, there is some truth to that idea.  So, for Christians, and a church, to show love instead of being judgment would be wonderful!


I will add that this is a generalization for Christians.  I have not heard that either Gladeville or Mt. Olivet is known in the community as being judgmental.  Yet, what are we known for in our community?  Do enough people know about either Gladeville or Mt. Olivet?  Does our community know that we are even alive and able to love the people in the community?

So, as a response to last week’s sermon (You can go to hell. . . but we don’t want you to go.) we are going to love our neighbors.  It would be great to do this every month.  The idea is that if we give lunch away once, then it looks like a nice idea.  To continue to meet our neighbors and let them know who we are and the God we serve, that will reconnect us to our community.

It may not work.  My wife and I may be the only people who take some lunches out.  It may be bitterly cold.  I have the mindset that even if I am the only one meeting our neighbors, then it is better than noone from the churches going out to meet our neighbors.  That is if we attempt this great thing for God and fail, at least God will receive the glory for our attempt to love our neighbors.

But if we attempt this great thing for God and succeed, then God will receive our appreciation.  Plus, we will know more people in our community.  That will be wonderful!  Besides, stretching our faith like this will be good for us.  Who knows what God could do through us once we live our faith in Him?


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