Social Media & what we see God doing

Dear Friends,
I pray that this Lent has found you developing more time to pray, read the Bible, worship, and converse with your family and friends about your faith.

I am trying better to communicate. I am learning to use social media so that news of happenings within and around the church are known to you and to our community. It is awesome that the new church website is working in that direction as well. Thank you, Josh Edmonds, for creating and maintaining that new site!

What are other means that we can speak about the good that God is doing in and through Mt. Olivet United Methodist Church? I have been working to update our social media presence by updating our Facebook page. Now, the church Facebook group, as I understand it, is for internal communication. That is we keep people already associated with the church updated on announcements and prayer requests. The Facebook page is our front door to our neighbors in the community that happens to be part of social media. This is where we let people know what we are about.

To build on these communication tools, we need to know some things as a church. These include: 1.) who is Mt. Olivet UMC? What keeps us involved and growing as part of the kingdom of God? 2.) If money was not an object, what would we like to see Mt. Olivet UMC do in the next year? That is, since we know who we are, what do we feel is important for the church to do to bring honor and glory to God?

I hope that we can get together soon and work on these questions. Feel free to contact as we prepare to answer these questions. I find it a joy to be the pastor of this church. I hope you find it a joy to be part of Mt. Olivet. May God guide us into the future he has prepared for us!

Reverend John L. Grimm


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