Gaining Vision: The work and the life continues until when?

Dear Friends,

So the sermon series about gaining a vision for the church is almost over. I mean it will be complete on May 3rd. We can breathe a sigh of relief for it is done. It is almost like we can say what William Shatner did at the end of Brad Paisley’s music video for the song, “Celebrity.” William Shatner says he likes the end. Brad questions him about this and William says, “I like the end.”

Well, the sermon series may be over, but the living, and the praying for, and the development of the vision for this church continues. It is not a project that is complete and we will never see it again. Much like our lives are developing and growing, a vision from God for this church will continue to develop and grow. Yes, what Christ Jesus did on the cross is a complete work. But how we live as forgiven people who are reconciled to God will continue.

It is like saying our goal is to get to heaven. Saying that the idea of the vision is complete is not right. For as we read the Bible, we discover that our goal is not to get to heaven! Our goal is to be like Jesus Christ in how we think, speak to each other, and how we treat other people. The Bible lets us know that God’s kingdom will come fully and completely to this world. To be in God’s kingdom when it arrives, we live like Jesus now, and tomorrow, and so on, and so on.

Individuals are to reflect Jesus in this world. For we are each responsible for our own lives. Yes, I know some could argue that there are some people, due to developmental or intellectual disabilities, are not responsible for their own lives. That would seem to point to the fact that we are our brothers and sisters keepers!

The church is getting ready for the return of Christ, and the fullness of God’s kingdom being brought to this world. In order for us, the church, to be ready for the coming of God’s kingdom we do answer those questions from the “Gaining Vision” sermon series. Just to remind you, here are those questions:

1. Whom shall we love?
2. Whom shall we place first?
3. Whom shall we obey?

I hope this church, and all of the members and constituents, is found ready to enter God’s kingdom when it fully arrives here on this planet. For if we do not know the answers to these questions, then we won’t be able to God’s kingdom.

God has good in store for us. But if we don’t start living the good He has already given us, then how can we expect to receive more good from God?

In Christ’s Service,

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