Living Church: Prophecy

Acts 2:14-36

We are here because of prophecy. Words were spoken millennia ago which said we would be part of the church. But those words of prophecy are not done being fulfilled! For the Holy Spirit is not done bringing people into the church so we can be a living church.

We realize the Holy Spirit filled the apostles in the upper room. As He, the Holy Spirit, filled the people they had had to go outside. They spoke about God’s deeds of power. The crowd that was in Jerusalem for Pentecost heard in their own native language what the apostles were speaking.

Yet, some of the crowd jeered. That’s right, some in the crowd thought this display of exuberance, speaking in foreign tongues, was a display of being filled with new wine. We might be interested in knowing the phrase, “filled with new wine,” is like a bottle being filled with a substance. This is different than the word used back in 2:4. In 2:4 “it filled the entire house” is more like a sponge being filled. This would mean the substance doing the filling, the Holy Spirit, permeated every person in the house!

This understanding sets the stage for Peter to explain what was happening. For the apostles were not filled with new wine. What was filling the apostles?

A. The prophecy from Joel tells what is filling the apostles (2:14-21)
+++1. It was nine o’clock in the morning!
+++2. Instead of new wine, it is God’s Spirit filling the apostles!
++++++a. God said this was going to happen!
++++++b. We are to be filled with the Holy Spirit
++++++c. Sons & Daughters will get the Holy Spirit inside them
++++++d. Young and old people will get this Holy Spirit so they can see visions and dreams
++++++e. Even slaves, the less than minimum wage people in this world, will get God’s Spirit in them
++++++f. The rest of the prophecy, nature being in turmoil, has not happened yet
++++++g. Till that happens, every person on this planet has a chance to call upon the name of the Lord. Then they will be saved!
+++3. What a prophecy! We are still in the last days, for Jesus has not returned yet. So we can be filled with the Holy Spirit! Some of us will be preachers. Some of us will be missionaries. Some of us will dream of how God is going to use this church. Some of us will see visions of how more people will call upon the Lord and be saved. We have time to do all this before the great and terrible day of the Lord. So, we and even more people can call upon the name of Lord. How do we know we can call upon the name of the Lord?

B. For Pentecost’s events came about because of Jesus’ resurrection (2:22-24)
+++1. Jesus of Nazareth is the Lord!
+++2. How is this possible?
++++++a. God did deeds of power in and through Jesus
++++++b. The Israelites handed Jesus over to the Romans so he could be put to death
++++++c. But God raised Jesus from the dead
+++3. The prophecy from Joel said in the last days God’s Spirit would come to all people. The arrival of God’s Spirit was after Jesus’ resurrection. It seems then that Jesus’ being freed from death was not only a sign for him, it is also a sign for us. But how do we know it is possible for Jesus to overcome death? We need another witness to understand what is happening through this man Jesus.

C. David also knew that the Lord would come to this world (2:25-36)
+++1. In Psalm 16:8, David sees his Lord!
+++2. David recognizes that there is hope because the Holy One does not see corruption
+++3. David was filled with gladness because of the Lord’s presence – this Lord had to overcome death (which Jesus did!)
+++4. Peter recognizes the fact that David is in his tomb (much like we will be in our tombs until Jesus returns)
+++5. David knew God would have one of David’s descendants on David’s throne for all time (2 Samuel 7:13)
+++6. Therefore, David’s Lord would not stay in the grave to experience corruption
+++7. This is what we know about Jesus from David’s prophecy
++++++a. The Lord does not see corruption
++++++b. The Lord is sitting at God’s right hand
++++++c. The Lord sent the Holy Spirit, which the visitors to Jerusalem and the people are seeing on Pentecost
+++8. Jesus is both Lord and Messiah (Christ)!
+++9. This second witness, David, helps us see just who Jesus is. To overcome death by resurrection is what Jesus did. Since Jesus is the Son of God he gets to sit at the right hand of God. Since Jesus is the son of David he gets to be lord over all of God’s people. These truths have wonderful aspects for us. First, as we believe Jesus is God’s Son, we have the hope of also overcoming death through resurrection. Second, as we obey Jesus we gain the hope of seeing Jesus sit beside God!

There we have it. Two prophets tell about the Holy Spirit coming to this world. Joel lets us know what being filled with the Holy Spirit means for us. We get to do the work of God’s people. We all have a time to be soaked completely through by the Holy Spirit before the great and terrible day of the Lord arrives.

David lets us know why the Holy Spirit came to saturate all people. For the Lord Jesus sent this gift of the Father, this Holy Spirit, so we could be God’s people! We get to recognize Jesus as our Lord and our Messiah. God has made Jesus, the one crucified and risen from the grave, both Lord and Messiah!

What are we to do with this knowledge and experience of Jesus sending the Holy Spirit? We turn to God. We bow to Jesus. Next week, we hear from Peter how we turn to God and bow to Jesus. I will give us a clue, it involves repentance and baptism!


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