A second look


It is good to take a vacation. There is nothing like traveling to see family, friends, or to just get away and recharge. So, we pack our vehicles and we go out of town. We may stay out of town overnight, for a weekend, or even an entire week. Anyway we vacate the premises called home, we are looking for some down time.

Maria and I experienced some down time recently. We had plans to sit on the beach, read, and watch our dogs play in the surf and sand. Our plans didn’t quite go as we thought they would. With steady winds of 20 MPH and waves reaching 8-9 feet high, there was no way we could sit on the beach and read. We had to alternate our plans.

So we went to the First Landing State Park. The dogs got some exercise. Which means that Maria and I were able to get our exercising accomplished. As we walking along a path, Maria and CJ, our lab mix, were ahead of Gracie, our beagle, and me. There was a place that a culvert was placed under the path for the water to flow between the sound and the marsh. When we first walked past this culvert, I noticed the water was rushing through the culvert. I thought it was a nice sight.

However, when we walked back across that culvert I noticed something in the water. It was not like noticing a piece of trash in the water. The something moved! It was a snake, submerged in the water, fishing for its next meal. As I stood and watched it, the snake went back into the culvert. Knowing that Maria had not noticed this creature, I told her about the snake. Sure enough, she went back to the culvert to look at the snake and to snap a picture, if possible. She did see the snake, but was unable to get a clear picture of this amphibious snake.

I share this story as a way of encouraging us. We are traveling on this planet together. Just because we have gone by a spot, it doesn’t mean we have seen all there is. Like reading the Bible, we can find something that will enrich our experience of life when we go back to that spot. Then when we make a discovery, it sure is rewarding to draw another person’s attention to the wonderful discovery.

May we all discover new wonders as we read the Bible. We may have read the Bible numerous times. We might never have read the Bible. I encourage us to explore the Bible, for surely we can encounter God and the truth He has for our lives together. Maybe it is time to take a vacation from our busy lives and explore the Bible. We just might discover a clear view of God and what He has for us.

In Christ’s Service,

4 thoughts on “A second look

  1. Although I’m not a snake frendly kind of guy I enjoyed how you use the importance of sharing our experences with others. Thanks for the reminder.


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