Thanking God for Church Worship Attendance

Hallelujah! Whatever goes on today, this week, or the rest of the year, we can say our praise to God! If saying, “Hallelujah” is not comfortable for you, then maybe try, “Thank you, Jesus/God.” When saying these praises, it is a good for us to be clear about what makes us thankful. Each of us, no matter our situation have many items, people, situations, and times in which to show our appreciation to God.

Recently, I have been thanking God for the demographic reports we are getting from MissionInsite. This demographic company helps churches discover who they are, who is in the community around the church, and gives insight into how we can be in ministry within our community. As the church leaders and I decipher these reports, I hope we find encouragement and wisdom as we serve God through our work with our community.

To receive this demographic information, I had to enter on MissionInsite’s website the addresses of all the people active within our church. For Gladeville there is a list of 84 individuals. For Mt. Olivet there is a list of 200 individuals. These 284 individuals include children, youth, and adults. These are some healthy numbers for our churches. We left off those individuals that we have not seen in a long time. That is a topic for another day!

I want to be able to thank God for having the vast majority of these individuals in Sunday morning worship! Knowing our respective average worship attendances are hovering around 44 and 99, it seems that we have work to do! Oh, I do thank God for each man, woman, and child who are involved with these churches. What can we do to encourage the other 40 and 101 individuals to be involved in these churches?

Sit down now, for you are going to read something that is important. Are you sitting down? Here it is. I do not think that it is only the job of our ministry teams to encourage participation in the life of these churches. There. I said it! I hope that as we all become closer to God through reading the Bible and praying through Jesus to God the Father, we will desire to encourage one another to be in Sunday morning worship. Can we live this hope together? I believe we can. What about you, do you believe this with me?

It sure would be nice to have at least 75 percent of our active worshippers in Sunday morning worship. Wouldn’t it be nice to see Gladeville have for a month, or more, an average attendance of 63? Wouldn’t it be nice to see Mt. Olivet have for a month, or more, an average attendance of 150? I am praying for these average worship attendance numbers to happen. When do we want these numbers of people in worship? For me, I am thinking the sooner, the better!

See you Sunday!



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