Why I say “Merry Christmas.”

Dear Friends,
On behalf of my family, I want to say to you: Merry Christmas!

Why do we say “Merry Christmas”?

Here are the reasons I say “Merry Christmas”:
+++1. God has given us a gift – Emmanuel – “God is with us” – sounds like a good reason to be merry!
+++2. My sins have been forgiven because of Jesus being born to die – another good reason to be merry!
+++3. It is Jesus Christ who brings us together – the “mas” is about the body of Christ being noticed by the world as the church worships – what another good reason to be merry!
+++4. Jesus – he is my Lord and Savior – the best reason ever to be merry!
+++5. Christmas means there has to be an Easter – again, Jesus died to deliver us from sin, death, and hell – there are 3 reasons to be merry!
+++6. Easter points us to the direction of Resurrection – when we are born of God, we too can look forward to being resurrected – this makes my spirit merry!
+++7. God has a way for us to be with him for all time – through faith in Jesus – yet another reason to be merry!

There might be a few other reasons to be merry at this time of year. But no other reason has such good news for us than the birth of God’s Son.

We each know someone who’s spirits are not merry this year. We pray their faith gains strength as they keep turning to God. For a season of life we may not be merry. This does not mean we have given up on God, the church, or other Christians. Our friends and family who are grieving, depressed, or troubled may have tears now. We each go through these seasons. But joy comes with the morning!

As we remember what God has done for us, we can be with our family and friends who are going through trying times this year. They may not feel any merriness or joy. They may not decorate their home for Christmas. We can gently let them know of God’s love and our love for them this holy time of year. This may mean placing ourselves at their disposal for some time during the holy days of Christmas and Epiphany. May each know Christ’s presence as two or three are gathered in His Name.

God bless you this holy time of the year!


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