Seeking to Live

Psalm 27

Bullies and terrorists are about the same. Bullies want us to be afraid of them. Terrorists want us to be afraid of them. For when we are afraid, we bow to someone else’s’ demands upon our lives. When we are afraid, we fail to live our lives. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live a life in which I am afraid.

How do we live a life in which we are not afraid? After we realize that we can place our faith in God through Jesus Christ, we discover that we can trust God when things are stacked against us. It is this trust in God, a confidence about God, which helps us overcome any and all enemies. When bullies harass us, we remain confident in Jesus Christ. When terrorists strike at us, we remain confident in Jesus Christ.

A. Our confession of faith helps us overcome fear (27:1-6)
+++1. The Lord is our refuge when fear overwhelms us
+++2. When people attack us for believing in God, they stumble, we don’t
+++3. Even when there is a terrorist attack, we are confident
+++4. We ask God for one thing – to “experience the favor” (90:17) or “behold the beauty of the Lord”
+++5. When things get rough, God provides protection for us
+++6. How then do we react to all that God gives us? Our heads are lifted up, we bring our offerings to church, and we sing and make melody to the Lord!
+++7. There are times life throws manure at us. There are times everything in life seems to be ganging up on us. There are times in life that the darkness seems to overwhelm us. Yet, we need not fear. We have placed our faith in Jesus Christ! As we are moving into God’s house, we become accustomed to living without fear hampering us. How do we react when our lives are being overwhelmed?

B. We pray to the Lord for help (27:7-12)
+++1. For us to live, we continue to seek God’s face
+++2. We want to see and know God when we are being overwhelmed
+++3. We even remind God that he brings us salvation!
+++4. When even family seems to be against us, we know the Lord will take up our cause
+++5. We ask God to keep us steady, even when our enemies try to disrupt our lives
+++6. We ask our light and salvation, our stronghold to keep holding on, especially when we feel like we cannot keep holding on
+++7. There are going to be times that try our souls. Fear, enemies, and life situations can seem to overwhelm us. Instead of looking at our fear, our enemies, or our life situations, we keep seeking after God. Do we believe that to live in God’s house is done only after accepting Jesus Christ as Lord? Then we keep on believing the Lord, even when life is rough. Seeking to live in God’s house is about knowing God in these days before we get into the kingdom of heaven. As we keep on believing in the Lord, look what happens!

C. We gain confidence in the Lord and encourage others (27:13-14)
+++1. Fear no longer grips us
+++2. Believe in Jesus, that he has won
+++3. We know confidently that we will see the Lord in the land of the living
+++4. We tell others to wait for the Lord – they can believe like we do!
+++5. What a demonstration of life! When we can tell others to believe, even when they are afraid. We can find life when we seek God. As we find life with God, then we tell others to seek life, to wait for the Lord.

Do you want to live in God’s house? As you place faith in Jesus Christ, seek to live with God. We cannot let fear rule our lives. We can experience the favor of the Lord as we continue to seek his face. For when we seek the face of God, we are seeking to live.

When troubling times arise, and they will, we continue to seek the face of the Lord. He will teach us how to get through troubling times. For God wants us to be in his house, in his kingdom. He is going to remain your salvation as you continue to seek him.

As we gain confidence in the Lord, we can tell other people about the Lord. Seeking to live happens when we wait upon the Lord. We take courage because this same God who has helped others can help us as well.

Are you tired of living in fear? Are you tired of giving into bullies? Do you want to live in spite of the fear that you have in your life? Seek the face of the Lord. You can believe in the Lord. You can take courage in the Lord. Keep on seeking to live in God’s house. Keep on seeking the face of the Lord.


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