Kingdom Obedience

Philippians 2:5-11       Luke 23:1-49

As we go through Holy Week, the week we remember Jesus’ death, we have some things to consider.

It is in Philippian 2:5 that we are told: “Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus.” How do we have the same mind that was in Christ Jesus?
+++1. Don’t exploit our being made in the image of God
+++2. Jesus emptied himself – how can we empty ourselves?
+++3. Jesus was obedient – the sort of obedience I call “kingdom obedience”
++===+– We are to be as obedient to God as Jesus was!
+++4. God highly exalted Jesus – God gave heaping high praise to Jesus!
+++5. When we hear Jesus’ name, we bend our knees to him
+++6. We confess Jesus Christ is Lord – How will we be found confessing Jesus Christ is Lord?
++===+a. Obediently?
++===+b. Begrudgingly?

Why do we even think that Jesus Christ is Lord? Let’s read Luke 23.

Come out to the Holy Week services. Let us be sober this week as we realize what it means to have Jesus Christ as Lord. Then we too can have kingdom obedience as part of our lives.


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