Sunrise Service

John 20:1-18

There are prophecies written about Jesus, the Son of God, rising from the tomb. I don’t think Mary Magdalene, Simon Peter, or the disciple whom Jesus loved were reading those prophecies that Sunday morning. The timing was just not right for them. Grief takes much out of us and it is hard to make decisions when we are grieving. Grief takes much out of us and it is hard to learn anything new when we are grieving. Grief takes much out of us and it is hard to remember even the littlest things when we are grieving.

None of the three saw Jesus in that tomb on the first day of the week after Jesus’ crucifixion. Oh, they looked for him in the tomb. John records Simon Peter only looking in the tomb and finding the cloths how they were laid. The other disciple believed. But at this point we don’t know what he believed. Mary Magdalene wept outside the tomb. When she did see who she thought was the gardener, she realized it was the Lord! And she called him such when she went back to the disciples.

What is this about the Scriptures saying Jesus must rise from the dead? There are several passages that point to this event happening. These passages are from hundreds of years before Jesus was crucified.

Psalm 16:8-10:
+++Jesus didn’t waver – he went to the cross/God didn’t waver – he keeps being God
+++Jesus was secure – God took care of his body after Jesus was laid in the tomb
+++Jesus was not given up – he did not experience corruption in Sheol
++===+– Jesus was only in the ground 3 days! (on the 3rd day he rose)

Isaiah 26:19:
+++Isaiah tells that “your dead shall live.”
+++Their corpses/”my corpse” shall rise
+++Jesus was the 1st to rise from the dead
+++The earth will give birth to the long dead! – There is hope for those who have been in the ground longer than 3 days!

It turns out there are several other Old Testament scriptures which speak about the general resurrection and the specific resurrection of the Son of God. It takes us being filled with the Holy Spirit to know this information. The same Holy Spirit had to fill Mary Magdalene, Simon Peter, and the disciple whom Jesus loved, so they would know the importance of Jesus rising from the tomb.

I pray the Holy Spirit will fill each of you as you turn to God. Then you will know the significance of Jesus not being in the tomb anymore.


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