An update

Dear Friends,

This past week has been one that I would not have imagined. It started off like a week when you are sick. Things start to pile up and eventually the necessary tasks get finished. Then along came Wednesday.

I am trying to increase time on the bicycle so I can have the stamina to complete a 50+ mile bicycle ride later this month. So, I rode a different, longer route to my normal Wednesday morning meeting. That meeting was inspirational once again. So, I took the normal route home.

God is good! I was one-half mile from home when the SUV hit me. I can only guess how fast the vehicle was going. I know from my cadence counter that I was traveling 10-12 MPH as I crested the knoll. After a brief visit to the Emergency Department, I walked to my wife’s car and went home.

No broken bones were identified on Wednesday.

Oh, but since then I have been sore. The bruises are still appearing. The naps are needed each day to recover from this blow to my body. I don’t want to bore you with details on the sore spots, nor do I want to sound like I am whining about the aftermath of the wreck. I want you to know how good living is!

God is good. Oh, an angel may have protected me from more serious issues from this wreck. But I give all the glory to God. I again am reminded that I get to preach the good news of Jesus Christ. Since I repented of my sins years ago, and continue to confess my sins, I realize that God’s grace is keeping me going in this life. I still get to preach. Uh, I typed that already! Anyway, you get the idea that I am excited to speak about what God is doing in my life.

It is good to be alive. My wife couldn’t look any better! Yes, she was dreading a call like the one she received on Wednesday morning. There was no more beautiful sight than when she walked into the Emergency Department. Was I ever glad to see her! She has put up with my crabbiness since Wednesday. Well, she has endured my crabbiness for nearly 20 years now. I am so glad I can continue to love her. I do thank God for my wife.

I need to end this post. It is about time to visit a medical professional. If you learn anything from me today, then learn that God is good, no matter what happens in life. Also, do love the wife of your youth. I am going to keep on loving my wife.



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