God, pain, and a bicycle

Dear Friends,
I am glad God is good. For when life is up, God is good. When life is down, then God is still good. Now, the pain medicine is something else. Is it the pain medicine causing me to be drowsy? Or is the recovery from a 2-ton vehicle sideswiping a bicyclist the real culprit of the drowsiness?
God did not cause this accident. God can make good come out of this accident. For I know God loves me. Since God made me, He has a way for my body to heal. All those connecting tissues need time to recover from the jolt I felt. Maybe it is time to ponder how good God is. This contemplation can be a good thing!
My consideration for people who have to be on pain medicine for years is growing. Functioning in life when pain causes a person to be tired is difficult. I will get better. Other people on pain medication will also get better. Does our getting better mean God loves us more than those who don’t get better? No! God loves each and every person. Whether we know God’s presence through our pain or through being healed, God is still with us.
So, I am waiting for a medical test. Then I will have to wait for the results of said medical test. Then there may an appointment with my chosen medical professional, or I might be sent onto a specialist. I don’t know what will happen as a result of the medical test. But I do know the Lord Jesus is not going to be leaving me or forsaking me. God has been good to me so far. I trust God will continue to be good to me.
I hope other people find how good God is. My situation is not as bad as it might have been. I still get to speak about Jesus. I still get to love my wife and son. God is still God. Jesus is still coming back. The Holy Spirit is getting me through this recovery process.
Oh, it has been two weeks since I have been on a bicycle. Once my neck is better, I want to be back on a bicycle. Until then, I get to keep on speaking about how God is helping me through this time. May you know God can help you through rough times!

In Christ’s Service,


2 thoughts on “God, pain, and a bicycle

  1. Stay off the bike for a little while longer! OR just ride on trails and stay off highway! Glad you are okay and by some of the following sentences, be careful with the meds!

    Love you in Christ!


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