Still not back on the saddle


I am praising God for light items. Oh, it is tempting to lift more than a few pounds. But that wouldn’t help me, or my loving wife any! She has been such a trooper. Who knows, she might be better on her bicycle after this move than I will be! At least we will have fun discovering that bit of competition lore!

When I move my body and my neck that one way, forget about me doing anything else. At least the physical therapist showed me an exercise or two so that I could strengthen some muscles. When I did one particular exercise, the numbness in my arm abated! Yes, I even praise God for simple things like no numbness in an arm!

We couldn’t pack our house without assistance from our five churches. They have been such a help. They even cleaned parts of the house we couldn’t possibly get to before our move. Yes, Maria and I can say that we are loved. We can only surmise if these five churches know how much we have learned to love them over these past five years!

It is time to return to moving and packing light items. Well, at least I am packing light items! This means I am not riding a bicycle.  So, I am not back on the saddle.  A referral to another doctor is in the works.

Have a good day knowing God created this day for you! Enjoy God this day!




2 thoughts on “Still not back on the saddle

  1. I’m assuming this means a new appointment! 5 churches!!! Wow. I could not imagine, but I totally understand what you mean when you says you couldn’t do it without to good people of your churches.


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