An ongoing saga

So, it has been over 2 months since an SUV collided with me as I was riding on a four-lane highway.  Thankfully, my wife and I have our son, Fuzzball, home now. He is helping a great amount with everyday tasks.  But the pain is continuing.

There are only 3 more Monday’s till I see the neurosurgeon.  I do not like pills.  I do not like pills of any kind.  Yet, I don’t know how my wife could endure me without the assistance I am getting from the pain medicines.  Of course our faith in God has been the constant, steady element of our lives apart from collision recovery.  Now, it has been more of a constant, steady element.

The options for my recovery are unknown at this point in time.  Will I have surgery?  Will I have more physical therapy?  Will ever ride a bicycle again?  Will I ever mow the yard again?  There are so many unanswered questions for me.

Yet, I do not blame God for this predicament.  Even if I do get angry with God, I don’t think I will hurt His feelings.  My God is not like me.  He is righteous, holy, and loving.  He is also just, able to correct me, and good.  God, make me more like you!

So, I am going to continue to have faith in God through Jesus Christ. He is getting me through each day.  God will get me through whatever happens as we meet with the neurosurgeon.



2 thoughts on “An ongoing saga

  1. I know that I am not alone in praying for your complete healing. Persistent pain is a terrible partner on the journey. I pray that God sends him down a side-road.


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