Making some progress. . .

That was a thorough neurosurgical consultation! I met some nice people working in this field today. Afterwards, I had a sense of relief. Here is how the appointment went:

There was the receptionist – kind and gracious.

There was the nurse – again, kind and gracious as I told her my story. I could have referred her to my blog!

The pharmacy interns and the pharmacists were methodical in recording my OTC and prescribed medicines. I even know the location of their pharmacy school in Oakwood, Virginia!

The PA was exceptional. She listened to me answer the battery of questions. She did the reflex checks, the strength pulls and pushes, and she used that reflex hammer on my feet to check for reflexes on the bottom of my feet – and it didn’t tickle!

The surgeon is good. He showed me the medical films of my spine. He was thorough.

So, what did these fine folks help me to understand?

The numbness and tingling in my arms and hands are most likely from aggravated carpal tunnels. I didn’t see that one coming. It does explain my symptoms.

The massage therapy and personal trainer for upper body conditioning will be helpful. Though I am thinking these tasks will have good pain for my benefit.

After a couple of days of a pain-free neck, then I can get back on a bicycle. Riding on a trail is the preferred location of my bicycle riding, at least for the near future. Meanwhile, Fuzzball helps his mother with the lawn mowing!

I am so glad that my situation does not involve surgery. I appreciate you praying to God on my behalf. Who knows, we may see each other riding some trail in East Tennessee sometime within the next year!


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