Thanking God for at least one thing a day . . .

Dear Friends,

I thank God for Pine Grove and Hartman’s Chapel! God is at work among us! It is a delight to see what God is doing among the people of Pine Grove and Hartman’s Chapel. The faith, the knowledge of God’s Word, and the perseverance of the United Methodist Christians of these two congregations are good for this pastor to see.

My youth Sunday School teacher used to tell us that we can be thankful for at least one thing every day. His grandmother taught him that idea. So, he was thankful each day. So I have learned to also be thankful each day. Jesus is good to me each day!

Whether I am thankful for you, the opportunity to preach, my family, or a beautiful sunrise, I can be and am thankful. What about you, are you at least thankful for one thing each day of your life? Try to be thankful for just one thing each day. We might even be amazed that we can be thankful for many more items each day!

This year I get to preach at the Greene County Ministerial Association’s Thanksgiving Service. We will join many other Christians from other denominations at the Notre Dame Catholic Church at 7 PM on November 21st for this service. So, I am thankful to get to know other clergy in God’s Greene County! We will get to hear the Tusculum College Choir, the Greeneville High School Choir, and other musical gifts that evening. Well, I need to go ahead and spread the word. Maria is going to be singing a solo that evening! I am thankful for my wife and her wonderfully beautiful voice!

So I don’t sound so braggadocios, I will complete my note of thanks. As we continue to be thankful for what God has given us, oh, the joy that will fill our hearts! I pray that you find at least one item for which to thank Jesus each day. I hope to continue to encourage you in your faith,



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