Soreness, Life, & Following Jesus

Soreness happens.  Life keeps on going.  God is good.

As a follower of Jesus I know that life is short.  The prophet Isaiah wrote that “flower fades and the grass withers, but the word of our God will stand forever.” (NRSV, Isaiah 40:8).  So, there is hope that before my death this soreness will be finished.  Yet, if the soreness does not leave, I know my life will keep going until my death.  Either way, having soreness or not having soreness, will be fine.

How could I say type such a sentence?  For I know God is alive.  There is for me a renewed sense of knowing God’s mercy since May 4, 2016.  The soreness is a result of the SUV knocking me out of the travel lane.  But my life keeps on going!  God is merciful.  I know more of calling upon the Lord now than I did before that collision.  He helps me get through each day.

Keeping on moving is a way that I keep going, despite the soreness.  Some days are better than others.  I could be doing an exercise, or I could be doing nothing, and the soreness is still there.  But I am alive!  So, I choose life.  Life with God as my ever present help was good before the collision and it surely is good after the collision.

I don’t see myself stopping because I am sore.  Though, I do see reason why people do stop when they are sore.  Soreness happens.  Yet, life keeps on going.  Then there is the added benefit of God being good.  I pray for those I know who have soreness that slows their activities down.  God’s mercies are working in their lives, just like mine.  It is reassuring to know people are praying for me as I continue to heal.  Maybe we who have continual soreness can tell each other how God has helped us live our lives, in spite of and through our soreness.

Riding my bicycle is part of my life.  By riding my bicycle, I get to enjoy seeing God’s wonderful creation.  When riding in a group, we all get the added benefit of good fellowship.  Riding by myself allows me to pray in ways I don’t get to pray when sitting for my devotional time.  God is good!

So, I am going to keeping on riding my bicycle.  I am going to keep on following Jesus.  The soreness may or may not completely go away.  Thankfully, I know and believe that God’s word won’t go away.  Maybe those who read this blog can be inspired to keep on following Jesus, despite any soreness they may have.  The soreness may overtake life for some.  But God helps us live life, even when we have soreness.


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