Love Life: God is Love

1 John 4:7-21

We are more than superheroes when God abides in us. I am entertained by superheroes in the movies. What is not to like about someone who can defeat multiple enemies at one time! Yet, the superheroes we see in movies each have their own super ability. Yes, they do have to team up when a common enemy faces them all. The superheroes can be gods, demigods, or enhanced humans.

We are more than superheroes when God abides in us. For the Son of God died for us. When we believe Jesus Christ came from God, God’s Spirit takes up residence in us. Now what we share among us is God himself! We conquer anything that opposes belief in God. We conquer all the while loving one another and loving God.

How do we gain what is more than a superpower? We believe that Jesus is the Son of God. We believe that it is through Jesus we live. Then God’s love grows in us. For the Spirit of God is in us! What does it take to confess? Clement of Rome said it well: “One is hardly prepared to confess Christ who has not confessed one’s sin.”

A. We confess Jesus Christ has come in the flesh (5:1-6)
+++1. It is on our flesh that we commit sin
+++2. It is by God coming to earth in the flesh that we overcome sin
+++3. We even conquer the antichrist by believing in Jesus!
+++4. For the one who is in you is greater than he who is in the world
+++5. The Spirit of truth resides in those who believe Jesus is from God
+++6. We are more than superheroes when God abides in us. For not only do we overcome our sin, we overcome those spirits that would lead us away from God. Superheroes cannot do this. Only God’s Spirit can. This life we have now is more than about conquering the antichrist. This life is about knowing we are loved.

B. We are born of God and know God (5:7-12)
+++1. Beloved – loved by God!
+++2. Love is from God
+++3. When we love one another, we show we are born of God
+++4. God’s love is known by knowing his Son came into the world so we might live through him
+++5. God loved us enough to take away our sins by Jesus’ death
+++6. Once born of God, we love one another
+++7. God’s love even grows to perfection in us!
+++8. We are more than superheroes when God abides in us. We are loved by God. Having God’s love in us helps us to love one another. For now we are no longer looking out for Number #1. We are looking out for one another. We are caring for one another, because we are being cared for by God. What a way to live!

C. God abides in those who know Jesus is the Son of God (5:13-21)
+++1. We know this by His Spirit living in us
+++2. We speak about his Son being our Savior
+++3. We abide in God as well!
+++4. God is love
+===++a. We know this love
+===++b. We live in this love
+===++c. We live in God and God lives in us
+++5. Love is perfected in us – we can stand before God
+++6. There is no fear in love – nothing stops us from loving God
+++7. We love because God first loved us
+++8. Those who love God must love one another, otherwise we are liars!
+++9. We are more than superheroes when God abides in us. Superheroes can have dark sides. As we are living in God and God is living in us, we won’t have any dark sides. The love of God will grow throughout our being. John Wesley described this as having, “The love of God shed abroad in our hearts.” All we do, say, and think is driven and colored by God’s love. Oh, for that to happen in us!

We are more than superheroes when God abides in us. We overcome the antichrist by God’s Spirit being in us. We are able to love one another for God has loved us. We overcome any fear as God’s love matures and grows in us.

The only thing stopping us from being more than superheroes is our not loving one another. The love of God can be throughout our lives. As John tells us, we must love our brothers and sisters in order to love God.


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